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Signature Painkiller

A mix of light and dark Puerto Rican rums, creme de coco, pineapple, a splash of orange juice and topped with nutmeg


Island Painkiller

Flavorful spiced rum, dark rum, pineapple and orange juice topped with nutmeg


Lazy Lime Killer
A zesty version of the painkiller topped with nutmeg


Jacks Rum Punch

Local dark and light rums with our secret juice mix


Pina Colada OR Lime Colada

Made with golden Puerto Rican Rum, coconut and pineapple OR a Pina Colada with zesty lime


Strawberry Daiquiri

Strawberry mix with Puerto Rican golden rum


Lazy Margarita

An island classic on the rocks. upgrade to José Cuervo, Sauza or Jimador tequilas

Lazy Parcharita

A burst of local passion fruit flavor, on the rocks;  upgrade to José Cuervo, Sauza or Jimador tequilas


Lazy Lemonade

Vieques's very own local Crab Island Aged Rum, Lemonade, a splash of Grenadine, and garnish with a lemon slice.

Lazy Bloody Mary

A morning savior; upgrade to Finlandia, Absolut,  Stoli, Titos or Grey Goose vodkas



An Island Bar

With Attitude

We made Lazy's into the kind of bar we wanted to hang out in. We like strong drinks, cool bartenders, sports on tv, and laid back patrons. We have a pub style food menu, good music and awesome views. You want to see Vieques? This is the place to start.


Our BEERS...

Abita turbodog (brown ale)

Abita purple haze (lager)

Buckler/O’Douls (non alcoholic)

Budweiser (pale ale)

Collective Jam up the mash (sour)

Collective Arts Guava Gose (Gose)

Coors Light (lager)

Corona (lager)

Guinness (stout)

Harpoon IPA (IPA)

Heinekin (lager)

Kronenbourg 1664 (wheat)

Leatherback Island Life (lager)

Michelob Ultra (lager)

Negra Modelo (lager)

Paulaner Grapefruit Raddler

Paulaner (non-alcoholic)

Presidente (pilsner)

Sam Adams (Boston Lager)

Stella Artois (Pilsner)

Stone IPA (IPA)

Sun Setz hard seltzer:

Sun Setz acerola

Sun Setz Limon

Sun Setz Parcha

Sun Setz Toronja Rosa

UFO Blueberry (ale)

Victory Golden Monkey (triple ale)

Wittekerke (Belgian White)

…LOCAL selections…

Magna (pilsner)

Medalla (lager)

Old Harbor American Rye (ale)

Old Harbor American Wheat (ale )

Old Harbor coqui (German light lager)

Old Harbor Double IPA #5 (IPA)

Old Harbor Belgian IPA #6 (IPA)

Old Harbor Smash IPA #7 (IPA)

Old Harbor Santo V. (pilsner)

Old Harbor Taina (blonde ale)

 Rincon Beer Co. (Blonde)

*subject to change by season and availability.

crab island lemonade .jpg

Feeling Adventurous?

Ask your bartender about their specialty drink!



We have one of the best views here!

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